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    We offer 9 different Divorce Guides to provide useful articles that will help you through your divorce and to better understand your options for your divorce process. You can download these Divorce Guides by clicking below.

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    We are professionals focused on you and your family law case. Family law is all we do. We do it better than the rest.

Experts in California Family Law Litigation and Divorce Mediation


Helping good people get out of bad relationships starts with educating the client on the law and legal process.

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Child Custody

Regardless of the acrimony good parents should always do what is best for their children. At divorce this can be a challenge, but it does not have to be impossible.

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Child Support

Child support is an ongoing periodic payment made by a parent for the financial well-being of a child. California guideline child support process can be complicated at perplexing.

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Spousal Support

Commitments are made during marriage that create responsibilities at divorce. Spousal support is one of those issues.

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Property Division

California pioneered the concept of “community property” that has become the model for a good portion of the country.

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Same Sex Families

This important and evolving area of the law can be confounding. Effective legal representation can make all the difference.

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About Harding & Associates

Harding & Associates is a law firm that is committed to protecting our clients. Our compassion, experience, and aggressiveness enable us to get our clients the results they are entitled to. Harding & Associates specializes in all areas of California family law litigation and divorce mediation including divorce, annulment, post-divorce, child custody, parenting, child visitation, paternity, child support property division, spousal support, domestic violence and restraining orders. John E. Harding, JD, CFLS, the principal lawyer at Harding & Associates, is an expert in all areas of California Family Law and Divorce Mediation.

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