Children and Divorce

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Co-Parenting after Divorce: Learn to Let Go of Things If you and your co-parent disagree about everything, you’ll find yourself exhausted and ineffective. Consider these tips when deciding whether to hold firm or let something go.

Divorce Not Necessarily Bad For The Kids

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Countless times I have sat in on meetings with parents during which they tell me that they stayed in bad marriages for the sake of the children.  For years psychologists at continuing legal education classes have told me that staying married for the sake of the children is a bad idea.  Well the hard facts appear to support the psychologists. …

Custody Software Can Help Parents; Try Custody X Change

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An attorney representing a parent in a child custody case wants the parent to be happy with the negotiated custody arrangements. However, the parent must do everything they can to help the attorney understand the needs of the children and the needs of the family. As parents work with attorneys, there are some things they can do to help the …

Shared Parenting

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Separation always disrupts the familiar patterns of family life. Routines and responsibilities that had been established as the family grew and developed have to be renegotiated. How your family operated probably came about without a lot of proactive planning. It’s unlikely that either parent worried too much, especially in happier times, about who did what and how much actual time each …