Catholic Divorce

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papa-francescoEvery religion has its dogma and practice regarding divorce.  That includes the Catholic Church.  With a billion+ catholics around the world, the effect of Catholic policy has an impact on divorce practice. A recent editorial in the Boston Globe addresses the strict Catholic doctrinaire regarding divorce, and the likelihood of the church’s stance relaxing under current Pope Francis.  For a divorced Catholic to have full engagement in church his or her marriage must have been annulled by the church.  The process is long, expensive, and arguably arbitrary.  The religious consequences can affect a civil divorce.  There does seem to be some introspection by the church, or at least its new leader Pope Francis.

“Francis recently told a group of church judges in Rome he would like “all marriage processes to be free of charge’’ and expressed concern for the length of time it takes to obtain an annulment.”

Is there a change coming to the Catholic Church’s requirement that there be in-house annulment in addition to a state sanctioned divorce? Probably not anytime soon, but there is discussion. An interesting read.  Click here to see the original article.

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