Custody Software Can Help Parents; Try Custody X Change

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An attorney representing a parent in a child custody case wants the parent to be happy with the negotiated custody arrangements. However, the parent must do everything they can to help the attorney understand the needs of the children and the needs of the family. As parents work with attorneys, there are some things they can do to help the attorney create the best parenting plan for their situation. One resource that parents can use is the Custody X Change software.  We use it at our firm.

Custody X Change lets you create custody schedules and parenting plans, keep a custody journal, track expenses, and track your actual parenting time. Using these features in the software can help you communicate and share information with your attorney so you can get the custody arrangements you want.

Your attorney wants you to have a custody schedule and parenting plan that work for you. In order for this to happen, you need to communicate so your attorney knows what is best for your child and what will work for both parents. You can use Custody X Change to create example custody schedules that you like so your attorney can see what you want. These example schedules can help you explain some of the needs of your child and how different schedules can fulfill those needs.

 Showing some example schedules is particularly useful if you or the other parent has a complex work schedule or there are other issues that your schedule must address. Presenting a visual calendar can help your attorney quickly grasp your situation so that your attorney can craft a final schedule that includes all of the important information.

In addition to making your schedule, you can use the software to keep a custody journal. In a custody journal you can write down information about parenting time, reasons why the schedule was changed, information about your children, etc. This can be useful because it helps you organize your information and know what’s going on. You can refer to your custody journal as you meet with your attorney so your attorney has a good idea about your custody situation. This can help your attorney better know what schedule will work for your situation and what provisions need to go into your parenting plan.

Along with your custody journal, you can use the software to keep track of your expenses. The software lets you enter an amount and description of the expense and assign it a category. Then you can specify how much the other parent is responsible for reimbursing you and print an invoice. You may find it useful to show your attorney your information about expenses so that you can include information about it in your parenting plan.

Tracking parenting time is when you make a note of the actual time you have with your children and compare it to the time you are scheduled to have your children. With Custody X Change, you enter in the changes to your schedule and it calculates the time difference. You can print out a report that shows the time differences and a calendar that shows how the schedule was changed.


 Keeping track of your actual parenting time and comparing it to your scheduled time can help your attorney see how well your custody arrangements are working. This may prompt your attorney to seek a different type of schedule or add some provisions to your plan. This may also be a reason to go back to court after a schedule and plan are in place.

There are three versions of Custody X Change that parents can use. The Lite edition costs $67 and includes the scheduling features and timeshare calculations. The Personal edition costs $147 and includes everything in the Lite edition plus some parenting plan features and parenting provisions. The Deluxe edition costs $297 and includes everything in the Personal edition plus the journal and tracking features. You can pay in payments for any of the editions.

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