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If you come by to visit us at our Pleasanton office you are going to see a lot of cats around the property. Well, not a lot, but four or five. Turns out we have become home base for a colony of feral cats. The pictures you see are of some of our clan. Of course, there is a back story. Has nothing to do with California family law, but it is a happy story.

About five years ago, we had even more cats. Dozens in fact! Our property, and the one next door had become a breeding ground for feral cats. We had kitten litters popping up everywhere. Every four or five weeks it seemed like there were another dozen cute, hungry, crying kittens that needed attention. What to do, what to do? We placed a call to our local humane society. They, in turn, put us in touch with a wonderful group of women we affectionately refer to as the Cat Ladies. Affiliated with the Feral Cat Foundation, these women (although I am sure the organization also has male members) are filled with love, compassion, and concern for our furry friends. They embarked on a mission to round up our guests. They were literally cat wrangling, and it was no easy task. Eventually those dozens of cats were caught, spayed and neutered, and placed with cat fans around the Bay Area.

Turns out there is a science to the whole thing. The Cat Ladies brought a couple of the mature, now fixed cats, back to our property and let them loose. A couple more found their way here. The Cat Ladies then began making daily breakfast runs to keep those cats fat and happy, and on the property. Cats are territorial. By establishing a colony of four or five cats, those cats claim our turf as their own, and chase off any other non-fixed cats. That, in turn, eliminated the cat dating, hubbada-hubbada, here come the kittens problem.

So where are we at now? We have our cat colony. We like them. They provide a nice, quiet distraction when we look out our windows. They bring a little extra energy to the place. The Cat Ladies stop by for feeding every day. No more kittens to worry about. Plus, the rodent problems that we may have had in the past, are now a thing of the past.

Here’s the real point of the story. The Cat Ladies and the Feral Cat Foundation do wonderful work. They are all volunteers. They generously donate their time and their own money to help out these delightful cats. We donate to help them out. If you could them help too they would appreciate it. Please click here if you can spare a buck or two or three…

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