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A few months ago, we invited readers and our website visitors to submit their divorce-inspired artwork to our blog. Our goal was to help readers express themselves, heal some of their wounds, and connect with members of our community who are traveling on the path of divorce. Below, we’re pleased to feature some selected artwork.

divorce, divorce artFollow the Autumn Bird
By Yulonda Rios, Cypress, California

I am a full-time artist who paints stories about the human condition. I am inspired by people, friends, and family. Painting has always been a way for me to learn from my experiences and explore and express my feelings. I have been separated now for over a year. My husband and I are working hard to remain friends… I painted “Follow the Autumn Bird” long before I decided to leave my husband. I never completed the work, until a week before I moved out of my house.

divorce, divorce artDiscovered Layers 1
By Judith Louise, Toronto, Canada

I was already divorced with 2 children when I met my second partner. Then at 42, with four children I found out my partner was having an affair. Needless to say this was a really rough time in my life. Painting really helped me get through the stress… This was 3 years ago and we still live together and co-parent the children together. We share the home in every way except that we have separate sleeping quarters… We have become good friends and I think we set a good example to our children that we can forgive and move on in an amicable manner. For now we are both where we feel we need to be… in our lives. I am now in school full time, rediscovering myself, studying Graphic Arts.

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