Divorce Triggers

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The Huffington Post website features a divorce section that always impresses me. The content and advice on divorce is substantial. Take for example a recent article entitled The Three Dangers of Divorce. The article discusses triggers that can be initiated by divorce. It is valuable information related to the unknowns of divorce. For example:

Danger number one: The triggers.

If you share kids with somebody, there are going to be these things called the marriage fights that will continue during the span of your lifetime or until the kids hit a certain age and you no longer have to communicate.

Danger of divorce number two: The words.

The words that still sting, the words that still trigger you, the feeling of having to fight back and defend yourself. You see, you got divorced because the pattern of your relationship was just that. They would say something, you would react, and then you’d go down into that rabbit hole. That rabbit hole was defending yourself, getting into conversations that went absolutely nowhere with no solution at all.

The kids.

There is a great chance that the kids are going to side with one parent over the other. It doesn’t matter how old the child is might be. A child might want to just stay at the mom’s house or the dad’s house more.

There’s going to be that dynamic. You’re lucky if there isn’t.

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