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I enjoy the privilege of being a Fellow in the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers ( Comprised of approximately 700 family law lawyers from around the world, the IAML is considered the most prestigious international family law society.

The Academy was formed in 1986. The primary objective of the Academy is to improve international family law practice throughout the world. It pursues that objective in a number of ways: creating a network of expertise in international family law around the world providing its fellows with information about both international and national developments in the law; offering advice and assistance to the wider public; promoting law reform and, where possible, harmonization of law.

Membership of the IAML is by invitation only. Lawyers who are interested in joining the Academy are asked to submit information about their legal practice, and must satisfy established criteria for membership to obtain the approval of the main Board of Admissions. Candidates from the US, Europe and Canada must also obtain the approval of the regional Chapter. The process is a rigorous one, designed to ensure that the very high level of expertise within the Academy is maintained.

The Academy enables fellows handling international family law to obtain legal assistance of the highest calibre in another country. Fellows of the Academy each receive a list of fellows, the Certified List, which is updated annually. This acts as a guide to the most prominent individuals worldwide practicing matrimonial law. A number of governments and other professional bodies are also now using the Academy membership list to locate family law specialists throughout the world.

The Academy contains a wealth of experience of international practice, and fellows frequently seek advice from other fellows on questions ranging from points of practice to identifying possible contact names in those countries not yet represented. The Academy provides fellows with an invaluable network of contacts throughout the world.

By John Harding

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