Listen to the Supreme Court arguments on the issue of same sex marriage

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supremecourtThe U.S. Supreme Court still operates in relative secrecy. There are no cameras. There are no live feeds of the Court’s proceedings. If you want to hear it live, you have to stand in line and get a seat in the courtroom when an oral argument takes place. What the Court does do, is make the audio recordings of the arguments available after the fact on line.

For us family law lawyers (and for a lot of other folks) one of the big issues presently pending before the U.S. Supreme Court is the issue of same sex marriage. Will the Supreme Court make it the law of the land? Will they leave it to the voters and or Legislatures of the states? The answer may not be far away. Tuesday of this week the Court heard the big, important, precedent setting case on same sex marriage. We will now wait a few months for the written opinion (i.e., decision) of the Court to be release. In the meantime, the audio tape of the oral arguments is available on line. I took a listen. It really is quite fascinating — not only if you are interested in the marriage issue, but also if you are curios about oral arguments in general. The Justices peppering questions at the lawyers, the lawyers being pressed think on their feet, the Justices cordially sparring with one another. Quite the interplay.

If you would like to listen in, please click here.harding-logo

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