Marriage Advice From TV’s Divorce Court Judge

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Judge Lynn Toler is the host of the nationally syndicated show “Divorce Court.” She is not just an actress.  She is a real legal professional with impressive credentials.  She earned an undergraduate degree in English and American Literature from Harvard (1981) and a Juris Doctor from the University of Pennsylvania Law School (1984).  She served as sole municipal judge in Cleveland Heights Municipal Court for eight years after working as an attorney specializing in civil matters. Married 23 years, she is the author of the just published “Making Marriage Work: New Rules for an Old Institution” and “My Mother’s Rules: A Practical Guide to Becoming an Emotional Genius“.

Toler has posted an article on Huffington Post on how to make your marriage work.  At first I was skeptical.  But then I read on, and came away impressed.  Having seen Divorce Court, it was hard for me to imagine that the show could give rise to sage marriage advice.  Toler has the same concern, but then she delivers.  As an example, she writes:

I learned this particular lesson from couples who couldn’t figure out how they had gotten to “Divorce Court” in the first place. They had marriages that went awry in such small increments they didn’t know what had happened. But before me they were forced to compress years’ worth of trouble into a short presentation. Each telling me a different story the other was usually surprised to hear, they often found that they were coming apart not because one or both were wrong, but because of unexamined needs. Seeing that scenario play out before me over and over again helped me figure out what was going wrong in my own home.

This really is an insightful, revealing, and helpful article.  And it does come from a person who experiences the relationship problems of other people on a daily basis.  Please click here for the complete read.

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