One Mighty Big Divorce

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big-money-pigMr. Zhou Yahui and his wife Ms. Li Qiong live in China. As a couple, they were ranked 11th in a global list of self-made billionaires under the age of 40.  Mr. Zhou is the chairman of online gaming firm Beijing Kunlun Tech. Most notably the firm owns the dating app Grindr.  Apparently all of that success did little to sustain the couple’s marriage, and they split up.

In a record setting divorce heard around China and around the world, under a civil mediation agreement issued by a Beijing court, Mr. Zhou will hand over 278 million Kunlun Tech shares to Ms. Li. That settlement is valued at 7.35 billion yuan, or $1.1 billion!

According to this author, that settlement moves the Yahui/Qiong divorce to the top of the Big Money chart, exceeding the $975,000,000 that Oklahoma oil man Harold Hamm paid to his wife last year!

The important take away here is that courts are not going to be blinded by astronomical values put before them. If the law compels equal division – be it in China, California, or anywhere – that is what will happen.

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