I’m Keeping The Engagement Ring!

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And when those stones are mounted in precious metal and handed off in the form of an engagement ring, their value goes beyond dollar signs.  Alas, when a divorce rolls around the men also take a shine to the shiny baubles! With values in the thousands of dollars, the symbol of romance and commitment …

Paying Rent For Use Of The Family Residence

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Watts (Marriage of Watts (1985) 171 Cal.App.3d 366) is a hallmark family law case it California. It stands for the idea that the community may have a reimbursement claim for the value of one spouse’s exclusive use of community property between the date of separation and the date on which the community no longer has an interest in the property. …

How Much Pre In a Pre-Nup?

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Sandra and Thomas were each doing pretty well in life. Sandra had been married to the founder of MTV. She received $20 million in a divorce settlement from him in 1997. Her work experience included being an editor of Mademoiselle and Brides magazines, and authoring articles for Vogue, Allure, Traveler, Conde Nast Publications, USA Today, and NBC News. In addition, …

Divorce Related Anger

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Divorce-related anger can literally make you crazy — causing you to say and do things you’d never dream of if you were thinking clearly. Even though it’s a normal part of the healing process, anger can become a destructive force in your life. Here’s how to cope. By Jane Nahirny Rose was so mad she could hardly see straight. She …

How The Marital Estate Gets An Interest In a Spouse’s Business

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Jay founded Alacer in 1972.  He married Ymelda in 1988.  Jay transferred all of his Alacer stock into a trust in 2000.  The parties started their divorce in 2001.  Jay died in 2003.  The case has been working its way throught the courts for ten years, and includes many related actions.  Eventually the trustees of the trust were brought into …

HardingLaw’s New Website Launches

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Harding & Associates Family Law announces the launch of its redesigned website. Working in conjunction with Connective Web Design the new site features an improved interface, and more content to help our clients and the legal consumer public.

Research Paper on Jewish Marriage Annulment

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“From early classic commentators to modern Jewish Law scholars, the character of marriage annulment in Jewish Law has been much debated. These debates revolve around the appropriate reading of Talmudic sources. Nevertheless, textual analysis of the main passages reveals support for almost all the competing opinions.” Written by Avishalom Westreich, Academic Center of Law and Business – Ramat Gan Law …

Update on California’s Proposition 8 Same Sex Marriage Litigation

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Columnists, and UC Davis law professors, Vikram Amar and Alan Brownstein have written a great article on the latest happenings in the Prop 8/Same Sex Marriage litigation. The article summarizes the recent ruling by the California Supreme Court, and suggests that the California ruling paves the way for the case to head toward the U.S. Supreme Court. The California Supreme …