Surprise – Top Heavy Bureauacracy Toppling California Courts

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Guess what?  The California Court system spends too much money on statewide bureaucracy and administration.  In news that is about as obvious to every California lawyer as a bull in a china shop, “the agency that runs the California court system has become ‘dysfunctional’ and bloated with high-salaried bureaucrats and requires a major overhaul.”  So reports an article from the LA Times.

The committee of 11 judges said the Administrative Office of the Courts, the San Francisco-based agency that runs the court system, is overstaffed, “top-heavy” and unwieldy. The office has strayed from its required task of serving the courts and become controlling, deceptive and secretive, the judges said.

“The top-level decision-making process of the AOC became insular, with a top-down management style limiting input from those within the organization,” the report said. The judges cited 17 positions with maximum annual salaries at or above $175,000, “numerous positions” with salaries in excess of $100,000 and a staff attorney who was permitted to telecommute from Switzerland.

Is it going to get fixed anytime soon?  Of course not!  This is California, the land of political madness, fiscal disaster, and government foresight that moves as quickly as cured asphalt.  It is nice to know though that money was spent identifying the obvious problem so that nothing can be done about it.

Please click here for the original LA Times article.

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