The Dreaded Custodial Exchange

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Ever wonder what the experience is like for a child of divorce when she is handed off from one parent to another? Rachelle Bergstein wants to tell you.

My parents broke up when I was 5 years old, which means memories of life before shared custody are available to me, but limited. They set the terms of their divorce under the guidance of their lawyers, and I – as many young kids do — adapted and accepted the new parameters of my childhood. 

But as I tipped into my teenage years, switching back and forth became more difficult. There were, of course, small aggravations, like when I accidentally left something

I wanted at the other house. Yet that didn’t account for the new anxiety I felt at those twice-weekly hand-offs.

This is great essay from The New York Times. If you are a divorcing or divorced parent you need to read this for yourself and your child.

Please click here to read the essay.

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