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Do any of you remember Arianna Huffington?  She was the visually pleasing, brainiac wife of a long since forgotten politician.  They divorced and she went on the greater things including writing, being a television commentator, and as a minor celebrity for conservative causes.  She was also the champion behind The Huffington Post, a website that started small and has grown big. The site offers news, blogs, and other original content.  It covers politics, business, entertainment, environment, technology, popular media, lifestyle, culture, comedy, healthy living, women’s interests and local news.  In 2011 AOL bought the site for more than $300 million.  Ms. Huffington stayed on board as editor in chief.

For our purposes I wanted to draw your attention to the Huffpost Divorce Section of the site.  Of course you get the paparazzi content on celebrity divorces, and Hollywood hook-ups (right now you can read divorce news about Bethenny Frankel, Lindsey Vonn, Heidi Klum . . . .)  Beyond that, the divorce site delivers some great information for people going through divorce.  For example there are articles on parenting after divorce; surveys of divorce laws across the country; statistics on divorce; and divorce advice from psychologist, lawyers, and financial planners.

There is some really good stuff on divorce on this site, as well as plenty of celebrity gossip.  Take a look at The Huffington Post Divorce Blog, there is information to be had, and gossip to be relished.

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  1. The Huff Post divorce section is one of may essential daily reads. We have a UK version as well, which is specific to divorce law in the UK. The celeb stuff gets on my nerves but some of the commentary on big divorce cases is first rate.

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