The Need For Divorced Parents To Communicate

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Over at the Divorce Section of The Huffington Post psychologist Judith Ruskay Rabinor, Ph.D has an insightful article on communication between divorced parents.  Rabinor begins her article by questioning the legitimacy of technology tools, i.e., text messaging and emails, as a replacement for face to face or ear to ear communications.

Dr. Rabinor offers:

I learned that a sizeable group of ex spouses actually enjoy a cooperative co-parenting relationship once the tsunami of divorce subsides. Even if you didn’t get along with your ex well enough to stay married, once you don’t have to share your entire life together you might discover that your ex is a perfectly adequate parent and co-parent. And the value of collaborative co-parenting cannot be overestimated. One of the few consistent research findings is that children of divorce do best when they grow up in amicable environments with two loving parents.

This is an encouraging article written for the purpose of, and demonstrating that parents can get past their divorce frustrations.  Not only can they, but they must for the benefit of their children.  If you are feeling you must hate your ex please read this article for evidence to show you that your thinking is flawed.

Here’s the link to Dr. Rabinor’s article.

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