Think Kids First! The Summer Survival Guide Is Out

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Yes, summer vacation is in sight.  For separated families, no school can be a challenge.  Custodial schedules frequently change, and extended vacation times for parents kick in.  Keeping the kids pleasantly distracted can be challenging enough.  Add divorce conflict to the mix, and summers can be downright distressing — for the parents and the kids.

Parents, please remember to Think Kids First.  Your children have worked hard all school year.  Let them just be kids in this summer.  Stop being children as parents, and work together!

Bay Area Parent magazine has released the online version of its great Summer Survival Guide.  Chock full of fun and stimulating things to do in the Bay Area, this guide can be a real life saver for parents looking to keep the kids busy in a good way this summer.  Click here to check it out the Summer Survival Guide.  And parents, please don’t forget to meet and confer when choosing summer options for your kids, and don’t automatically say no to any proposals.

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