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The I CARE Foundation has created an international travel child consent form that is available online.  According to the I CARE Foundation (“ICF”):

  • The intent and purpose of this travel consent form is to help prevent international parental child abduction from occurring associated with the wrongful detention of a child by a parent traveling abroad and who fails to return the child to their country of home jurisdiction in violation of another parent’s rights of custody or in breach of a court order.
  • This travel agreement is substantially focused on key issues associated with the return of a child under the rules of the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction and traditional abduction defenses commonly implemented under Article 12, Article 13, and Article 20. In addition, and with attention to Article 1 of the international treaty, this travel document may assist a left-behind targeted parent expeditiously reunite with their parentally kidnapped child when litigating for their child’s return under the international civil remedies established by the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. For abductions that take place to non-convention signatory countries, this sworn international travel child agreement may provide a court where the child is wrongfully detained with important evidence on behalf of the left-behind parent. It is important to note that each court may have their own legal interpretation on the validity and intent of this document.
  • Furthermore, in the event of abduction, this sworn travel document may be an effective tool that may assist in the expeditious return of a child with the assistance of local law enforcement located in the inbound country the child is illegally detained in based upon the affirmations contained within along with the child abduction laws and policing policies of that country.
  • Individuals using this travel consent form should clearly understand that this document will not prevent a child’s international abduction. However, this agreement is designed to provide sworn affirmations that may expedite any law enforcement of court actions associated with international parental child abduction.

Click here to be taken to the form.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting about the International Travel Child Consent Form that the people from the ICARE Foundation worked so hard to produce. It is so important to keep our children safe. I hope that many parents will learn from this post!

    Thank you again!

    Stacey E.

  2. Dear Peter and ICare Foundation

    Thank you so much for all the work you are doing to raise awareness of, prevent and help families who are coping with this living bereavement. The world is blessed to have people like you who go out of there way to make a difference.

    The travel consent form would be a very important mechanism to prevent many abductions from occurring and I plead with all to give this your full backing and support

    Bless you Peter Thomas Senese

    Steve Monk-Dalton

  3. The International Travel Child Consent Form is a breakthrough! Thank you to the I CARE Foundation for creating it and helping to bring this change to make children across the world a little safer. And thank you to all who are championing its use!

    Author, Speaker, Activist, Girls’ empowerment coach
    Co-founder of Leave No Girl Behind International

  4. ~God bless ya for making this consent form, it is a very important tool to have in any child custody situation… So I sincerely thank the I Care Foundation… <3

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