eNewsletter | 2013

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December 2013
  1. Divorce trials
  2. Beating stress before it beats you
  3. Charting your expenses
  4. Telling your kids: breaking the news with your spouse
  5. Divorce isn’t easy, but it’s doable
November 2013
  1. Holiday tips for divorced parents
  2. Anger management
  3. The art of negotiation
  4. Tips for fathers in custody disputes
  5. Techniques for Effective Discipline
October 2013
  1. Meet the children
  2. Property Division
  3. Court programs to treat and prevent high-conflict divorce
  4. After the cheating
  5. The forensic CPA – your ally in divorce
September 2013
  1. Is a custody battle best for your children?
  2. Divorce Legal Glossary
  3. Bond with your children. Bonding on your own.
  4. Happy House Hunting
  5. A Perspective on Love, Marriage and Divorce
August 2013
  1. Divorce Recovery
  2. Trust Yourself – When it comes to love, do you trust yourself?
  3. Unbundled
  4. 5 Ways to Help Your Children During Divorce
  5. Financial Checklist
July 2013
  1. Stay Away and Focus on Your Healing
  2. Experiment with happiness
  3. Your Divorce Team
  4. 5 Most Common Money Mistakes
  5. The Trauma of Betrayal
June 2013
  1. The Shock of Divorce
  2. Your Life After Divorce
  3. How to Evaluate an Attorney?
  4. Steering Clear of Financial Landmines
  5. Ready to Give Up Your Baggage?
May 2013
  1. Fourteen Problem Behaviors That Can Undermine the Best Relationship
  2. Keeping Your Divorce Cost Down
  3. Why Can’t We Be Friends?
  4. Befriending Your Ex
  5. Role of Divorce Coach
April 2013
  1. Are You Really Ready for Serious Dating?
  2. Coping With an Emotional Divorce: Developing Ways to Release Your Emotions
  3. Family Mediation: Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Selecting your Professional Divorce Team
  5. Tax Trips and Traps
March 2013
  1. Shared parenting
  2. Build a happy, healthy life together: Part 2
  3. Don’t get hung up on fairness
  4. The children’s best interest, counts most
  5. Top six tips to avoid financial disaster
February 2013
  1. How to Work with Your Divorce Lawyer
  2. Children’s Wishes and the Law
  3. Build a Happy, Healthy Life Together: Part 1
  4. Knowing If You Should Stay or Go
  5. The Commitment to Move Forward
January 2013
  1. Considering Divorce? Knowing Why You Should Stay or Go
  2. Keeping Your Divorce Cost Down Will Debt Be A Factor In Your Divorce?
  3. Understanding the Divorce Process
  4. How to Handle Your Emotions during Divorce
  5. Forgive but Don’t Forget